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Apr 29,2024 | 432 min read


The 2024 Shanghai CMEF exhibition ended successfully, our company, as a technology company in the field of medical device production, had the honor to participate in it and achieved remarkable results.

In this exhibition, we displayed a variety of newly developed medical device products, which attracted the attention of many people in the industry. Through in-depth exchanges with new and old customers, we not only gained valuable market feedback, but also established a closer cooperative relationship.

We are deeply honored to be able to discuss industry trends and share technical insights with so many professionals. This exhibition not only enhanced our company's visibility, but also laid a solid foundation for future business development.

We firmly believe that with the continuous advancement of medical technology and the sustained growth of market demand, our company will continue to capitalize on our strengths, innovate and contribute more to the development of the medical industry.

We are looking forward to the next exhibition, we will create another success together!

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